The Politics of (In)visibility: Governance-­Resistance of Refugees

Author: Leonie Ansems de Vries Migrants and refugees are in the spotlight across the globe. To give only a snapshot of recent news coverage: Millions of people are fleeing Syria; two overcrowded boats carrying refugees capsized near Lampedusa earlier this month; the Australian government sends asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea under a new ‘offshore… Continue reading The Politics of (In)visibility: Governance-­Resistance of Refugees

Theory and Practice: The Ethics and Politics of Security

Author: Vivienne Jabri I often come across the assertion that theorists, especially those working in ‘critical’ International Relations, are reluctant to engage with questions of policy. In other words, we might have a great deal to say about theory, concepts, and methods, and we might use these to critique particular policies and actions, but our… Continue reading Theory and Practice: The Ethics and Politics of Security