Temporalising Difference, Spatialising Time, In/Securing the Mediterranean

Author: Pinar Bilgin Recent immigrants deaths on the coasts of Italy have, once again, brought Mediterranean as a source of in/security to European Union's agenda. As member states discuss what needs to be done to better 'secure' European borders against immigrants, the more complex questions about 'how' and 'why' immigrants travel from southern to northern… Continue reading Temporalising Difference, Spatialising Time, In/Securing the Mediterranean

The Politics of (In)visibility: Governance-­Resistance of Refugees

Author: Leonie Ansems de Vries Migrants and refugees are in the spotlight across the globe. To give only a snapshot of recent news coverage: Millions of people are fleeing Syria; two overcrowded boats carrying refugees capsized near Lampedusa earlier this month; the Australian government sends asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea under a new ‘offshore… Continue reading The Politics of (In)visibility: Governance-­Resistance of Refugees