From Reimagining Communities to Communities Reimagining

Author: Laura Zuber It is the 13th of April 2021 and the the call for writing a blog article on ‘Reimagining Communities’ for this year’s Security Studies conference reaches me in a vulnerable moment in my research process: six months into the PhD, I made the decision to change topic. Roughly, my original plan consisted of… Continue reading From Reimagining Communities to Communities Reimagining

Writing the Self, Writing as Care

Author: Lucy Thomas Like many others, I am sitting at a table that, a few months ago, was our kitchen table, but that I now understand as my desk. Clearing away others’ books, cups of water, bike locks and assorted personal effects, I settle into the chronically uncomfortable white plastic Ikea chair, trying to concentrate… Continue reading Writing the Self, Writing as Care

The Ethics of Solidarity, Community and Care

Author: Leonie Ansems de Vries I am very happy to introduce this short blog series on The Ethics of Solidarity, Community and Care, which is part of the International Relations and Ethics theme contribution to the School of Security Studies Virtual Research Conference on Global Shocks. In addition to the blog series, IR and Ethics… Continue reading The Ethics of Solidarity, Community and Care