Writing the Self, Writing as Care

Author: Lucy Thomas Like many others, I am sitting at a table that, a few months ago, was our kitchen table, but that I now understand as my desk. Clearing away others’ books, cups of water, bike locks and assorted personal effects, I settle into the chronically uncomfortable white plastic Ikea chair, trying to concentrate… Continue reading Writing the Self, Writing as Care

Bringing the Personal (Back) In

Author: Hannah Goozee This reflexive blog post considers what happens if we, as researchers, listen to our emotions. Drawing on six months of research in South Africa, I reflect on two emotional moments I experienced and consider what they reveal about my role and responsibility as a researcher. “And so it begins. I land in… Continue reading Bringing the Personal (Back) In

The Politics of “Fitting” Feminist Theory in IR

Author: Laura Sjoberg Feminist theorists have long made and substantiated the argument that gender "matters" in International Relations (IR) theory and practice, and that it matters in complicated and hybrid ways. Gender analysis has been used (in my view effectively) across a wide spectrum of theoretical approaches, issue areas, and contemporary political events.  I thought… Continue reading The Politics of “Fitting” Feminist Theory in IR