IR & Ethics Research Theme Workshop (Feb 2022)

Professionals of International Affairs and Legitimacy: Expertise, Politics and Democracy International Relations and Ethics Research Theme Workshop 9 February 2022: 12.30 – 17.00, King's College London This interdisciplinary workshop brings together scholars who work on different professionals of international affairs to assess how these actors build legitimacy in a world that seems to increasingly turn… Continue reading IR & Ethics Research Theme Workshop (Feb 2022)

From Reimagining Communities to Communities Reimagining

Author: Laura Zuber It is the 13th of April 2021 and the the call for writing a blog article on ‘Reimagining Communities’ for this year’s Security Studies conference reaches me in a vulnerable moment in my research process: six months into the PhD, I made the decision to change topic. Roughly, my original plan consisted of… Continue reading From Reimagining Communities to Communities Reimagining

Intelligence and Oversight in British Parliamentary Records

Author: Jan Camenzind Broomby For the purposes of my King’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship I assisted both Professor Claudia Aradau (KCL War Studies) and Professor Tobias Blanke (KCL Digital Humanities) in their research on intelligence and oversight in the UK parliamentary archives, with a focus on how questions of accountability and scrutiny have been raised in regard… Continue reading Intelligence and Oversight in British Parliamentary Records

From Debates to Processes: Trajectories of Intelligence Oversight in the UK

Author: Joseph Jarnecki On 17 October 2019, the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) handed their report on Russian interference into the British democracy to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The ISC is a bipartisan committee mandated by the British Parliament to oversee the British intelligence services – replacing discussions with formal parliamentary procedures. Following significant delays… Continue reading From Debates to Processes: Trajectories of Intelligence Oversight in the UK

Writing the Self, Writing as Care

Author: Lucy Thomas Like many others, I am sitting at a table that, a few months ago, was our kitchen table, but that I now understand as my desk. Clearing away others’ books, cups of water, bike locks and assorted personal effects, I settle into the chronically uncomfortable white plastic Ikea chair, trying to concentrate… Continue reading Writing the Self, Writing as Care