Book Launch Event with Dr Nora Stel: 23 Feb

Hybrid Political Order and the Governance of Uncertainty by Dr. Nora Stel

23 February 2022, 15:00 to 16:30

Chair: Dr Stephan Engelkamp, Lecturer in International Relations Education, Department of War Studies

Speakers: Dr Nora Stel, Assistant Professor in International Relations, Radboud University

Professor Claudia Aradau, Professor of International Politics, Department of War Studies, King’s College London

Dr Craig Larkin, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics of the Middle East, Department of War Studies

The Research Centre in International Relations at King’s College London presents Dr Nora Stel’s new book, Hybrid Political Order and the Politics of Uncertainty, which critically explores the parallels between Lebanon’s engagement with the recent Syrian refugee influx and the more protracted Palestinian presence.

Lebanon hosts the highest number of refugees per capita worldwide and is central to European policies of outsourcing migration management. Building on critical refugee studies, hybrid governance, and ignorance studies, she proposes a conceptual framework to capture the spatial, temporal, and procedural dimensions of the uncertainty that refugees face, exploring ambiguity as a component of a governmentality that enables the control, exploitation, and expulsion of refugees.

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