The field of Eurocracy

Conference with Prof. Didier Georgakakis 6 May, 3:30 – 5:30pm, K2.31 Nash Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor King’s Building, Strand Campus

The Research Centre for International Relations (RCIR) is delighted to host Prof. Georgakakis (Université Paris – la Sorbonne) who will deliver a talk on the field of Eurocracy. This event is organised in the framework of the EU-funded SOURCE project in which researchers of the RCIR are mapping the professions and institutions of security in Europe.

The field of Eurocracy corresponds to the transnational social space where actors struggle to define the tools, policies, instruments and values of the European Union, as well as the properties that one must possess to legitimately get involved in these struggles. This concept provides a fruitful venue to map the institutions and professions of security in Europe. The talk will bring the field of Eurocracy to bear on European security actors. The discussion will tackle the possible convergence in terms of methods and contents with the approach of the transnational field of the guilds of security management developed at RCIR.

Discussant: Dr. Edoardo Bressanelli (Department of EU Studies, KCL)

Chair: Prof. Didier Bigo (Department of War Studies, KCL)

All are welcome, no advance registration required. For more details and for our other events and projects please visit Please email for any further details. You can find more information about the European SOURCE project and details of RCIR’s participation here.