SOURCE and DTC Special Workshop on Creating and Managing Data

Methods workshop, 6 May, 10am-3pm, 2.21 Waterloo Bridge Wing, Waterloo Campus

For students who are interested in building a database, this special session will present an online, open-access and user-friendly environment to design, create, structure and manage rich datasets. For students who have followed the DTC-course on Visualising Security, this special session will tackle the methodological operations that come before visualising data, i.e. creating and managing data. The workshop will be co-organised with the SOURCE project, which focuses on mapping the institutions and professions of security in Europe. To this end, it is developing a relational database that will be used to gather, centralise and organise data generated by researchers.

Workshop 1: How to structure and manage data? (10:00 – 12:00)

In this first workshop, Dr. Ian Johnson, Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney, will deliver a first general presentation of the Heurist data management system. Heurist provides an online, open-access and user-friendly environment to design, create, structure and manage rich sets of relational data.

Workshop 2: training on the Liberty and Security database (13:00 – 15:00)

This second workshop will feature a hands-on training where participants will be invited to locate and enter data regarding EU agencies of liberty and security. DTC students will therefore explore how they can use Heurist to organise and manage data of their own research projects.

Attendance to the workshops is by registration only, email and/or You can find out more about the SOURCE project here.

NOTE: The workshops will be followed by a conference co-organised by the DTC and the SOURCE project at KCL where Prof. Didier Georgakakis will be discussing the struggle to define the tools, policies, instruments and values of the European Union and its approaches to security, as well as the properties that one must possess to legitimately get involved in these struggles. It shall be held 3:30 – 5:30pm, K2.31 Nash Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor King’s Building, Strand Campus.