Baptist Coelho appointed Leverhulme Artist in Residence at KCL War Studies

02- Baptist Coelho - What have I done to you
“What have I done to you?”, 2011 / Production still / Washing feet in the Pump House Gallery, London / Recording here 
The Department of War Studies is happy to announce that the Department (through Professor Vivienne Jabri), has been awarded the Leverhulme Artist in Residence Grant for the academic year 2015-2016. The artist we will be bringing to King’s to collaborate with War Studies scholars is Baptist Coelho.

03 - Baptist Coelho - Stand at ease
Stand at ease, 2012 / Installation view / 1 photograph and a pair of leather boots
Baptist Coelho is an artist from India who lives and works in Bombay. Since graduating from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in 2006, he has been extremely active as a practicing artist, with critically acclaimed solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries in India, as well as internationally.
A key focus of his current practice is to uncover how conflict affects and relates to everyday life. In his artistic process fact-finding and engagement with military and civilian personnel in conflict zones lead to works in various media, including installation and video. These explore aesthetic expressions of conflict, emotion, and the past and present of the experience of war.
04 - Baptist Coelho - Display #1 (Battersea Park - London)
Display #1 (Battersea Park – London), 2011-12 / Installation view / Glass bottles, notes on paper, soldier gear, various objects and video
As Artist in Residence, Baptist Coelho’s contribution to the Department of War Studies at King’s College London will provide an aesthetic perspective on the intersection of everyday life with war. Working primarily with RCIR’s Professor Vivienne Jabri, Baptist Coelho’s work will make an invaluable contribution to the exploration and conceptualization of the intersection of the everyday and the routine with the time of war, how the material, discursive, and psychological dimensions of one temporality come to permeate and affect the other.
For more information about the residency or RCIR please contact, see the record press release or visit our page on the King’s College London website.